The Adam Project: Where Was It Filmed?

The Adam Project: Where Was It Filmed?

The Adam project is a sci-fi movie. Adam, a fighter pilot in the year 2050, has been pursued by space ships cruisers. After being injured, he hurriedly opens a wormhole and travels back in time to the year 2022. In this period, a teenage Adam (Walker Scobell) is still coming to terms with the crash that killed t his father, Louis Reed, (Mark Ruffalo), a year before.


Ellie Reed is his mom and he does not connect well with her. At school, he continues to be bullied and in turn, he fights and gets into trouble.

One night he discovers  Adam who has arrived at this time and is injured. He sees that Adam is like him, an exact copy of him. Old Adam explains that he had to leave his timeframe to defend himself. His original objective was to travel back in time to 2018, but he ended himself in 2022 accidentally. He displays to younger Adam his spaceship that Old Adam is unwilling to start due to injuries, but young Adam can do so.

Where was it filmed?

The Adam Project: Where Was It Filmed?

The Adam Project, with its elements of parenting, sorrow, and growing up, is a personal favorite of star Ryan Reynolds.

Reynolds’ home city of Vancouver, British Columbia, provided the perfect backdrop: those stunning mountain vistas.

Ryan Reynolds, a proud Canadian, remained near home when filming the sci-fi picture The Adam Project. The film is Netflix’s most recent partnership with Reynolds, and it’s also filmmaker Shawn Levy’s second after he cooperates with him on Free Guy. Future Adam Reed (Ryan Reynolds) journeys through time and space to rescue the planet in this picture; however, all of The Adam Project’s filming sites remain in the same region.

The Adam Project was shot across Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Jack Poole Plaza in center City, the Marine Way Market Bridge in Burnaby, and the Park Royal Shopping Mall in West Vancouver are significant shooting sites. The shoot of the Adam Project is also in the Vancouver Convention Centre, the chemistry department at the University of British Columbia.  The H.R. MacMillan Research Centre, The Beach House Restaurant, and the Supermarket’s Drug Mart in Western Vancouver.

The Cast of the Adam Project 

The Adam Project: Where Was It Filmed?

Ellie Reed plays the role of Adam’s mother and Louis’s wife.  As younger and mature Adam battles to grips with his father’s death, Jennifer steps in as the Reed family’s supporter, caretaker, and general strength. Laura plays the role of Adam’s love interest, who gets tied up in time. After losing her due to a time-space aberration, Adam devotes himself to rescuing her by going back in time.

Louis plays the role of Adam’s father. Louis has a knack for time travel and scientific knowledge. Louis’ discoveries and studies are utilized throughout Adam’s journey, redefining the concept of time travel. Adam Reed is a 12-year-old child suffering from his father’s death and is susceptible to experiencing trouble. Young Adam will not take to his elder self right away, but he follows him on his journey to change the future. Catherine Keener plays the role of Maya Sorian, who is the villain of the movie.

Image Source: IMDB


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