The Best Ten Places in NYC Where You Can Get VEGAN Deli-style Sandwiches

NYC never disappoints when it comes to vegan or plant-based sandwiches. Here are the best ten places in NYC where you can get the best Deli-style sandwiches.

1. Sarge’s Delicatessen and Diner of Manhattan

They offer a guaranteed plant-based corned beef created by Jenny Goldfarb, Unreal Deli.

You can order the corned beef on rye bread served with sauerkraut.

Ten Places in NYC

2. Freshco Grocery & Deli of Manhattan

Freshco not only provides deli items but grocery as well. Their plant-based options include an Atlas vegan club sandwich, vegan ginger chicken Cubano and vegan tofu salad on multigrain, which are only a few to mention.

3. Vegan Grill of The Bronx

Here everything is perfect and deliciously plant-based. You can order Bacon Egg & Cheese, salads, appetizers, bowls, burgers, juices, smoothies, and much more.

Ten Places in NYC

4. Hana Food of Brooklyn

It is also a deli as well as a grocery store. There is a separate section for people who love vegetarian sandwiches. Here you can enjoy My Girlfriend Sandwich, which is based on vegan bacon, vegan pesto chicken salad, sprouts, vegan cheese and cucumber, served on a spinach wrap. You can also order Pretty Woman Sandwich, which is based on vegan cheese, vegan bacon, sprouts, guacamole, and tomato served on whole-wheat bread.


Vegan Sandwiches

5. Toad Style of Brooklyn

Toad Style is a perfect place for a 100% vegan sandwich that generally serves palm oil-free, soy-free and non-GMO eats. Their main attraction is the breakfast bun made with chickpea tofu scramble, a maple glazed sausage patty, almond mozzarella, hot sauce, and house-made ketchup. BBQ pulled jackfruit sandwich is also essential to mention as their main attraction.

6. ikraveit Foods of Queen

This is another best place that you can visit for vegan sandwiches. You can start your day with the Tex-Mex breakfast wrap, which is vegan. You can also order a chicken cheesesteak for a vegan lunch, and you can also enjoy yourself with plant-based treats such as cookies, cakes and whoopie pies.

7. LifeThyme All-Natural Market of Manhattan

This is the best place to enjoy deli options, specifically their spicy seitan wrap made on a tortilla (whole wheat), packed with homemade spinach, seitan, cucumber, and spiced with chipotle peppers and tomato. They also offer vegan sides like oil-free baked potato fries and tempeh.

8. Orchard Grocer of Manhattan

It is a grocery and all-vegan deli store located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Their eatery includes spicy matzo brie, sweet matzo brei and an apple-walnut charoset sundae with vanilla soft serve.

9. Terms of Endearment of Brooklyn

Their vegan menu features many deli-style breakfast items, including the Bacon Egg & Cheese and classic sandwiches including the Lox, which is made up of scallion cream cheese, beet lox, red onion, capers, and greens served on a croissant.


10. Bodega of Brooklyn

They offer a lot of vegan deli sandwiches, including chopped cheese, egg & cheese on a roll, the NYC staple and Philly cheesesteak. You can also enjoy sides such as greens salad with ranch, vegan curry hummus & veggies and smoked mac ‘n’ cheese.

Ten Places in NYC

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