The Blue Mountains of Washington State

The Blue Mountains are an often-overlooked part of Washington state that’s beloved by those who know about it.


The area is home to Mt. Rainier National Park, North Cascades National Forest, and the Olympic National Park, which makes for an astounding vista of natural beauty. Did you know that this was where Bigfoot was spotted? In 1994 Paul Freeman a former US Patrolman claimed he saw a family of bigfoots.

The Blue Mountains of Washington State


Summer Hikes

During the hottest summer days, we all want to get outside and enjoy the sun. Sometimes, we need a little break from the heat and humidity. If you’re looking for a refreshing escape from the heat, head to Dexter Ridge Trail.  Not only do you have beautiful views of lush green trees, but if you’re lucky enough to visit on the right day, you may also encounter some wildlife. It is not uncommon to see bear prints. You may see elks and smaller animals such as birds and mammals. There are streams to cool off.


Winter Hikes

It may seem peculiar for a tourist to visit a fire lookout, but these structures are not only becoming more and more popular, but they offer some of the best views.

Table Rock is one of the best examples of this. It is an easy 1.2-mile hike that leads you to Table Rock, by way of a wide variety of landscapes – Columbia Valley Basalt .You can also see gorgeous wildflowers in springtime, as well as waterfalls in the summertime.

blue mountains wa

Anyday Hike

The North Fork of Walla Walla River has been a favorite hiking destination for many years. As one of the most popular hikes in the Blue Mountains, this trail is good on just about any day of the year. However, during the autumn, the river valley turns a lovely gold color.


Most people visit the Blue Mountains during the winter to ski or snowmobile, but there are plenty of trails for hiking in the other seasons. Check the weather and head out. Let us know if you see Bigfoot?



The Blue Mountains of Washington State



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