The French Don’t Get Fat?

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Just the mere mention of French desserts or pastries is enough to make any sane person’s mouth water. From macaroons, and croissants, to Madeleine, and éclairs – delicious treats are synonymous with French culture. While French culture may center around their delicate pastries, and rich wines, one look at the women in France and it’s easy to assume that they’ve never had a taste of either.


French women, even when living in a culture that’s filled with delicious delicacies, remain healthy and fit. This may seem like a great stroke of fate, or you may be quick to blame this on strict dieting, but actually it’s much less complicated and way more practical than you may think.


When visiting America, or any Western country many people are in for the shock of their lifetime when they visit their first American restaurant and gaze upon our massive portion sizes. The average portion size of an American meal far surpasses that of a French meal. French women are much more likely to dine in on a smaller, yet equally fulfilling meal than their American, or Western counterparts. This is a main factor on why French women, regardless of temptation, don’t get fat.


Portion sizes aren’t the only reason French women don’t get fat. Actually, there are many lifestyle habits that contribute to this trend. One habitat that is commonplace in French culture is a good work-life balance. The workweek in France is on average 35 hours a week, which when compared to the average 40-hour work week is life changing. A 35-hour workweek allows more time for family obligations, and hobbies. This could be another reason French women don’t get fat.

One of the strongest reasons French women don’t get fat relates directly to their sleep schedule. French women get more sleep. Unfortunately, a consequence of the fast American society is that sleep gets pushed to the wayside. Many times a good night’s sleep becomes a second priority to work or family obligations. Sleep is one of the most vital parts of our well-being and should be treated with an importance equal to a good diet. French culture appreciates a healthy sleep schedule and understands how a good sleep schedule is conducive to a healthy lifestyle, mind, and body. By following a healthy sleep schedule, and getting an a

appropriate amount of sleep each night French women are able to ward off and prevent any unwanted pounds.

Street lantern on the Alexandre III Bridge against the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Along with a consistent and healthy sleep schedule, smaller portion sizes, and a better work-life balance, French culture also relies heavily on consuming water not only throughout the day but mainly in the morning. It’s been noted that warm water, roughly the same temperature as your body temperature, is the best thing to drink in the morning. Drinking warm water in the mornings can help jump start your digestive system and is the perfect way to get your body ready for the day. French women not only sip on warm water in the mornings, but they also drink water throughout the day that helps promote a fast metabolism and keeps their mind and body healthy.

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