The Island of Trinidad


The Caribbean Island of Trinidad


Trinidad, is in the southernmost area in the Caribbean, it is one of its kind. A lovely, small island full of history and natural beauty, it  has more to offer to  tourists than just a typical Caribbean island. Of course the warm waters of the Caribbean. The white sand beaches, coconut and palm trees are along the shores. The hills of the island gives the thrill of a pirate island.

Trinidad is the largest island of the “twin islands of  Trinidad and Tobago”  It  has a long history since 1498 when  Christopher Columbus left his mark on the island on his third voyage. Since then, it was declared to the Spanish empire though the majority of the population was French! Later it was declared to be a colony of the British.  That was until 1962 and Trinidad became a republic country read: Independent.

Trinidad, seems to be  a heaven for the beach lovers. You can relax in  all these different beaches: Maracas Beach, Las Cuevas Beach, Mayaro Beach, Manzanilla Beach, Balandra Beach, Salybia beach, Grand Riviere beach, 100 steps beach, Matura beach all are just the perfect tropical beaches you can experience.

Tour the island and don’t miss La Brea Pitch Lake — a bottom less tar pit.  Bamboo Cathedral and  Chagaramas Boardwalk are unique sites to see.

If you want to do some water-sports, you can do snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, wind surfing, kite surfing, stand-up paddle-boarding, kayaking, jet-skiing in the lovely blue waters of the Caribbean.

Trinidad truly is nature’s hidden gem. You can have an exciting adventure and feel the solitude in the hill areas of Trinidad. You can hike in the mountain of El Cerro Del Aripo, Mount Tucuche, enjoy the beauty of Paria waterfall, Maracas Waterfall, Rio Seco Waterfall, Cumaca falls, Avocat falls and  Rincon waterfall.

Trinidad has lots of museums and art galleries for those who love art, culture and history. The National Museum and Art Gallery is a must-visit for the history and culture lovers. It was established in the time of the British Colony. Rule  —  Royal Victoria Institute.

In the north of the National Gallery, there is Queen’s Park Savannah, Royal Botanic Gardens, and Emperor Valley Zoo, where you can enjoy some more sights.

Do  visit the 19th century fort, Fort George, where you can also enjoy the view of seaside and city landscape together.

If you are in there before Lent, then you are in for a show.  The carnivals of the  islands is something to see. You can enjoy the music, dance in the Carnival and taste the authentic Trinidadian dishes.

Fancy a bird watching? Then you must visit Caroni bird sanctuary, Yerette (the home of Humming Birds). The island also has caves for exploring.  You must  visit Mount Tamana, Gasparee caves.

If you have time, then  you must visit the nearby islands, which are, Pelican island, Nelson island, Monos island, Gaspar grande and the iconic Galera point lighthouse.

Your trip will be fun and filled with adventure. As  always be  safe.


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