Islands of the Bahamas, So Many to Choose From!

Are those ads on the television making you feel you should hop a plane to the Bahamas. Read on to see what we discovered about this chain of islands in the Caribbean.


If you fantasize  yourself basking in the glory of the sun on the white sandy beaches Or  want to treat yourself with the best wine luncheon inclusive of world-class cheese? As a water -sports lover, do you want to enjoy swimming in one of the world’s most extensive barrier reefs?

When you can, pack your bathing suit and beach cover up and your favorite flips flops. Go to the  Bahamas where you can enjoy stellar meals. Relax on clean beaches with turquoise crystal clear water. Watch the dolphin as they play in the not too far distance.

Here are some little known  facts that those commercials on the television don’t tell you.


1) Enjoy your wine luncheon at the world’s third-largest wine cellar in Nassau

For wine lovers, a tour of Graycliff’s wine cellar is inescapable. Enjoy some of the rarest and the most expensive wines in the world here.

Also, pair the finest cheese from around the world to  your luncheon feast. You are in the know if you dine at this restaurant.


2) Swim across the Third-Largest Barrier Reef of the Planet

Good news for the water sports lover! The Andros Barrier Reef is unique and biggest barrier reef of the world here, stretching more than 190 miles in length. Swim down to the depth of 6000 feet, if you are adventurous enough. There are dive shops that can teach you the correct technique. And if you are there for a while? Certainly, do the course to become diver certified.


Some of the most exotic fish in different shapes and sizes will treat your eyes if you are a scuba diver or snorkeler. The water is crystal clear, and you can see straight out to what seems endless water. Dolphins frequent this area.


3) The Turquoise Water of Bahamas Beaches Is Spectacular, Even Pigs like to swim. 

The Bahamas is particularly renowned for its crystal clear turquoise waters, Really you  can see the bottom of the 200 feet sea from the beach surface. Pigs swim on Big Major Cay or Pig Island.


4) The Count of Bahamas Islands Is Over 700 island.

With over 700 islands and approximately 30 being inhabited, you can explore nature as much as you want on a day excursion. Discover Rose Ireland, Pearl Island, Ship Channel Cay, the Exumas and many more boarding a sailboat available from the islands shore. There are many places where you can rent a day sail.


5) Reach Out To the Underwater Post Office

The Bahamas is the first country to have an underwater post office that operated from 1939 to 1940. Specially designed for filming underwater scenes, this seafloor post office was a submarine sphere which tourist can explore and enjoy a breathtaking view of marine life. You can also send a souvenir postcard home from this post office, which will bear a particular post stamp/mark “Seafloor/Bahamas” printed on it.

All the islands have some unique feature. And most have gambling if you so desire. There is of course duty free shopping and you can fill your bags with your heart wants.

Lastly, if you want to swim with dolphins, then you can go to Dolphin Cay at Atlantis and there you will be able to swim with the dolphins for a fee.
Hopefully, you find the islands as fascinating as we did.

Famous Bahamians.


Sir Sidney Poiter.

Shakara Ledard

Lenny Kravitz


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