The Lake District: A Beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Lake District: A Beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Lake District is situated in Northwest England, and it is a mountainous region. The unique thing about the district is that glaciers have modelled the valleys during the Ice Age. After that, the district was shaped by the agro-pastoral land system that was represented by fields.

Human activity and nature worked together to create one of the unique landscapes in the world. The mountains are mirrored in the lakes, and there is beauty everywhere. Here are the top things that make this majestic site UNESCO worthy.

  1. The Natural Beauty

If you want to see nature at its finest, you should visit The Lake District, England. You will see rolling hills, valleys, beautiful peaks, and a lot of water. There are also many villages and towns that are filled with the most beautiful sights of nature you will witness.

You can also enjoy the best views by hiking the mountains. Keswick is the most popular base for climbers and hikers to start their journey. So, you can choose to do any of these things.


  1. Outdoor Adventure

There are no limits to the water sports adventures you can do here. You can row, canoe, swim, windsurf, kayak, and do so much more. It is the best way to enjoy the lake and the surrounding region.

The Lake District is also incredibly famous for rock climbing. The climbing culture is so embedded in the district that it is celebrated with annual mountain festivals. The opportunity for outdoor adventure is one of the reasons why the district is so popular.

  1. Wildlife

Of course, with so much nature around, you are bound to find a lot of wildlife in The Lake District. The native animal of the Lake District is the engendered red squirrel. The district is perhaps one of the few remaining places in the UK where you will find this squirrel.

Besides that, The Lake District National Park is home to much wildlife such as golden eagles, red deer, Arctic char fish, ospreys, and red deer. Much of the species is protected, and you will see many wildlife sites of significance. Flora and fauna are also unique, making the district an exhilarating sight.



  1. Source Of Inspiration

The valleys, lakes, mountains, wildlife, and plant life will take your breath away. If you are a musician, artist, writer, or poet, you will find a lot of inspiration at The Lake District. Many artists and poets have used this site to inspire themselves.

Nature is one of the most significant sources of inspiration, so this site is a magnet for many such people. Many art festivals take place throughout the year in the district.


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