The Sundarbans- Complete travel guide

It is one of the giant Delta in the world and is located in West Bengal. Sundarbans National Park is located over 10,200 square kilometers of elongated mangrove Forest land throughout the Jungle.

It is the best place for visitors and has a great attraction for them. So here we will discuss the complete travel guide, so you have a better experience.

Best time to visit

Winters are the best time to visit the Sundarbans park as the weather is delightful besides the indigenous animals, and you may have the experience of coming across migratory birds. These animals consider water as their home. Photographers come to Sundarbans park for bird photography and many other animals.

Summers are sweltering and humid in Sundarbans, and some areas are prone to massive cyclones. So don’t try to visit in the summer.


It is about 100 kilometers from the southeast of Kolkata( in the state of West Bengal). So the Sundarbans are only across the boat distance. Canning is the nearest railway station and linked through Godkhali road. This road, also known as the gateway of Sundarbans.

The actual entrance of the Sundarbans national park is on Sajnekhali Island. It is free of cost.

Things to remember

Here is the list of many things that you need to keep in mind before visiting the Sundarbans.

  • If you are a foreign tourist, then you must have a visiting permit for entering the park. You can get this by applying to the Sundarbans forest office. You must have a valid passport.
  • Hire a tour guide and must have vast stretches of the park. It will help you to become safe from the Bengal triggers and keep you on the right track.
  • You must have ample money as there is no facility for the ATMs inside the park.
  • Polythene bags are not allowed as the declared Sundarbans park is a no-plastic zone.
  • You can carry light snakes with you in degradable bags to stay active during the whole visit. Don’t litter the garage inside the park.
  • You are not allowed to stay in the park at 6 pm.

How to visit the Sundarbans

There are numerous ways to visit the Sundarbans but make sure that you choose after complete research. Compare them and try to get the one which suits you best. Here are some options that you may like.

  • Travel independently by booking a boat on which you sleep and enjoy freely. West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation arranges private trips from the Sajnekhali Tourist lodge.
  • Stay at hotels or resorts. Many of them provide transport, food, and many other accommodations.
  • I prefer organized tours as they have predefined group tours for days, nights, half-day, or multiple days and nights. Typically they have boat trips to visit the watchtower in the national park by the waterways. You can book a boat tour from Kolkata, and after fix time, they will drop you back at their picking location.

I hope this article helps you in arranging your trip towards Sundarbans.


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