The Tourist – Australia. Where Was It Filmed?

The Tourist - Australia. Where Was It Filmed?

The Tourist Australia is a thriller and action-packed series about a man. The series is about Dornan, a British guy that ends up in the hospital. A truck starts chasing him and then drives over Dornan . When he wakes up in the hospital, he loses his memory. He has no idea where he is and who he is. He didn’t even remember who he ended up in the hospital with. People from his past come back to torment him, forcing him to fight against the clock to discover the truth about who he is and who he was.  It is a fantastic series that includes drama, action and thriller.

Q: Where was it filmed?

The Tourist - Australia. Where Was It Filmed?

The Tourist is a fantastic series set in Australia. The shooting of the series takes place in different locations. But mostly the filling for the tourists takes place in the Adelaide. Adelaide is a city in the south of Australia.

Many tourist scenes are done in the Areas of port Augusta, Quorn, and Peterborough.  You can also see the flinder ranges mountain in the series as many senses are also from there. The production team makes the petrol station the man visits in the series for the shooting.

The Cast of The Tourist

The Tourist - Australia. Where Was It Filmed?

The tourist cast is genuinely unique and makes the series a hit. The main character is Jamie Dornan, trying to discover his path. Soon, he finds that somebody out there doesn’t want him to know the truth about his past. He also finds out that someone is trying to kill him, but why does he have to find out that. Doran is an outstanding actor and gained fame after playing the Christian grey character in the “Fifty Shades of  Grey”. He gives his best in the series, and you can see that in the series.

Another character of the series is constable Helen Chamber who Danielle Macdonald portrays. She plays the role of the police officer who has to find out the truth about the man’s case. But soon, she finds herself wasted in the mystery of the man. Shalom Brune franklin plays the role of Luci Miller the tourist. She has a connection to  Dornan and has a very dark past.

Greg Larsen plays as hens intolerable finance Ethan. Easley, Ethan and Helen’s relationship is impressive on the surface, but soon Helen starts finding his fiance unbearable.  Detective inspector Lachlan Rogers’ role is also fanatic in the tourist. Damon Herriman plays this role. He is from the crime unit and investigating the case of the man. He also wants to know what happened to the man and who is behind the man. Actor Kamil Ellis is another fine actor –  She plays the role of a small-town police officer.

Trust us you will be hooked on the story.

Image Source: IMDB

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