Air Travel Tips for 2021

Things to keep in mind when traveling by air in 2021

Covid-19 has affected not only the lifestyles in our homes, but also the ways with which we move in and out. Similarly, keep the following things under consideration while traveling by air:

air travel

  1. Carry your luggage:

Keep a carry bag with you. Place your Makeup, Computer, or Laptop in that bag so that you can either get fresh or can work whenever you feel like it. Don’t put your clothes in your carry bag. Keep every other thing inside your large bag because that is safe and will keep you unburdened throughout your flight.


  1. Wear mask:

The covid-19 has not yet been eliminated from the world. People are still getting sick. You would definitely not want to ruin your trip just because of not following some preventive measures. So, wear your mask. Keep 3-4 disposable masks with you. If you see someone not wearing one, you can offer that person a mask as a kind gesture, too. Keep yourself safe and care for others too.

air travel

  1. Stay ready for flights being canceled:

Covid-19 has already made us adaptable to changing plans, sudden alterations in schedules, and unexpected news. So, don’t worry, when they say that there is some technical or some mechanical issue with the plane, just assume it’s a clogged sink and don’t let your thoughts think about the wing failure. Go and visit the airport. Stay relaxed and enjoy during that time because it is you who decide the mood. Just don’t let the delayed or canceled flight affect your day. Consider it as an opportunity to learn adaptation to unpredictable circumstances.

  1. Enjoy your time in airports:

The big-city airports have wonderful art exhibitions for you to visit and enjoy your time till the next flight. Don’t waste your time mourning over the delayed flight. Go, visit the airport, enjoy and make the best of your time. For example, San Francisco has a famous painting about the sea and has an exhibition of sea creatures under glass.

  1. Be the last one to get on and off:

It might seem weird, but yes, don’t rush in getting on and off the plane. After all, they are not going to leave you behind while you are standing right in front of the plane. Be the last one to get on and off. Relax at that time and enjoy the view. After all, you deserve to be calm and relaxed and not being rushing all the time.

  1. Don’t forget to bring your homemade food:

The most important part is food. If you don’t like the airport food or if they only serve fast food, then you can bring our own gourmet food. Keep your food in some fashionable carry-on plastic cooler. You can place the cooler in the overhead bin as well.

  1. Bear with the crying babies on the flight:

Stay ready for the crying and screaming babies on the flight. There are families, and there would be kids definitely on the plane. Just bear with them and say thanks to God that these annoying kids are not yours. In case these are yours, then just say thanks that you didn’t have to bear with someone else’s kids.

  1. Kind gestures towards strangers:

You might encounter some frustrated, agitated, or irritated passengers. Just say kind words to them. Send them your warm thoughts. They will take some time to apprehend, but soon they will be able to have some real peace of mind just because of you.

  1. Carry a disk player and headphones with you:

Play some soothing and hypnotic discs and enjoy through headphones. The hypnotic discs help to create waves in your brain.


Brain waves are the electrical messages that the brain generates in the form of waves. Alpha level of waves is for thinking, and Beta is for action, Theta is for sleep, and Delta is for deep sleep.


Start by putting your brain on Alpha level where there is intuition. Let your brain slow down. Keep a diary with you to note down the ideas you get during Alpha level.   Put the headphones away, return to Beta level. Enjoy your surroundings while being in your conscious state.air travel

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