This Glasgow nightclub is turning your dance moves into renewable energy

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
10N ovember 2021
TextBrit Dawson

he club is hosting The New York Times Climate Hub at this year’s COP26 in Glasgow, which runs until tomorrow (November 11) and has consisted of virtual and physical talks, workshops, debates, lectures, and more. SWG3 is working towards being net zero within the next four years. “We have a lot of work to do,” the club’s managing director, Andrew Fleming-Brown, said in a press release, “but over the next 12 months, we are committed to building a solid foundation upon which we can transform our organisation into a more sustainable one. We know this won’t be easy, but we understand the severity of the climate emergency, as well as our potential to influence our community, industry, and beyond. We want to lead by example.”

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