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If you ask me the only meaning of my life; I will instantly say, travelling because a traveler not only explores the outer world but also inner. The world enfolds so many beauties in it that a single eye could never picture them No matter if it is the picturesque view of Na Pali Coast, Kauai or landscape of Victoria Falls, I hear them calling me every time. Interestingly, the thing is about the scenic feat and the heartfelt fondness hidden in the spectacle’s serenity.

Travelling has unveiled to me the natural beauty of the universe and marvels of old civilizations. Recently, during my tour to India, I roamed through local streets to observe the lives of commons. Century-old houses built with great artistry, The Mughals’ prodigies and the exceptional anecdotes in museums, awed me with surprise. The tour helped me to learn about the ancient civilizations of The Indus valley. Similarly, my travel to different countries of the world added valuable experiences to my life, and I learned a lot. That is why, whenever my goals need rei nvigoration, I seize an escape from the hectic routine and find myself on scavenging the mysteries of the world.

Travelling gives peace of mind, and I got enough time to analyze my reactions towards different happenings. Wallowing in tranquil mountains and pacific valleys helped me focus on different ideas and polished my creativity. That is why travelers are said to be more creative and innovative. In addition to health benefits, travelling gives strength to emotional intelligence and our resilience to unexpected circumstances. These are the few positive impacts of travelling and tourism on our lives. And that is what I live for.


Although tourism is an organized visit to the places of interest in holidays, it has been categorized into more than 60 types, out of which eco tour is the one. I like eco-travel because it involves the excursion to natural habitats and supporting the local community who maintains them. Different variants like green travel, sustainable tourism, and culturally aware tourism, take shelter under eco travel. These types are directly or indirectly related to the ecosystem and greenery preservation. So, eco-travel is cherishing because it is related to the betterment of every factor involved in the loop; especially the local people who facilitate tourists and protect the natural places.

Talking about the need for ecotourism, an understanding of mass travel and alternative travel are significant. For the last decade, tourism to clean natural locations and ancient places have reached a peak. This mass travel started affecting the fresh environment and climate purity of the location. So, the environmental activism against the concerning impacts of mass travel introduced us to alternative travel. Alternative travel provides with the strategies of anti-tourism, green travel and eco travel. The term ecotourism, an alternative travel, is a surrogate solution to avoid mass travel’s unpleasant effects. So, nature is an integral part of alternative travel and ultimately the eco-travel.


What I like about eco-travel is its positive impacts on the environment, culture, and economy. Interestingly, not every tour to natural habitat is eco travel. The International Ecotourism Society’s (TIES) disseminated principles for ecotourism give us important information. As environment-friendly tourism, the environment should be prevented from physical, social and behavioral side effects. Instead, we must promote awareness to environment and culture respect among the people related to ecotourism. In this regard, guidelines to eco-travel tell us the proper disposal of waste and garbage. Maintenance of environmental infrastructure and climate purity is the foundation of eco-travel. That is how we can contribute to the preservation of natural locations and exotic habitats.


Most importantly, eco-travel aims to benefit the local community financially. Because the people of around local areas preserve natural habitat and invest their precious time to turn the place worth visiting; we must directly benefit them. I think we can achieve the purpose by purchasing their products, employing self-made parking stands, and hiring them as guides. On my recent eco-travel experience to a backgrounded village of Vietnam, I realized that in underdeveloped or developing countries, the local community lacks basic needs. So, the localities should also be facilitated with natural parks, water supply, drug stores and roads. Such things directly reward them and encourage their efforts. Moreover, you can also help them voluntarily. It supports local tourism industry.


Another thing, I got to learn from eco-travel, is to respect local cultures. This kind of tourism is much more than green-favored travel, as it includes the appreciation of local traditions and customary practices. Being respectful and humble to local customs, traditional events, and regional practices is commendable. We should warmly welcome host communities, sharing their pleasures with guest tourists.


Ecotourists should be aware of the basic instructions given by The International Ecotourism Society(TIES). Moreover, the companies offering ecosystem safe tourism should hire employees who have read literature about environment preservation. And regular briefings about the updated Standard Operating Procedure should be organized for them. In this way, they will easily communicate and instruct the tourists about the required protocols.


The major benefit of ecotourism, according to my analysis, is that it poses no side effects. Contributing toward the revitalization of an ecosystem, it is valuable for the planet. Environmental advantages like reducing noise and wildlife disturbance, soil modification and decreased climate pollution can be obtained. Economic benefits of ecotourism are obvious. Local employment, business revenues, tax collection, and opportunities for local people to earn significantly increase by ecotourism. It subsidizes the government and local tourism industry with hefty revenues.

With the adventurous experiences of safe ecosystem tours to different rainforests and islands, my thoughts matured, and I felt close to nature. As nature is the language of God, and I felt myself near to my soul. It provided me with a sense of self-recognition and self-satisfaction. If you set out on an eco tour, you will feel yourself in the hands of angels.

Travel around the world and explore what God has left for you.


This was a guest post. 

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