Travel Beauty Tips

Travel Beauty Tips


Travelling frequently and looking perfect is sometimes hard to do on the go. It is sometimes very tricky to maintain a fresh look while travelling. Don’t worry, it is not a difficult task. Here we have compiled some tips from famous bloggers and travel experts that will help you to remain perfect during frequent travel.


No Foundation


Do not wear foundation if you are travelling in daytime, especially in warm or humid weather. However, if it is necessary, woman then use a primer under it. You can use a cream or liquid that put a layer between makeup and your skin to protect it from dehydrating. Moisturize at least at night before to hydrate your skin properly.


Refresh makeup


Always use a mist of mineral water if you want to refresh your makeup. Avoid putting on layers of foundation, powder or blush. You can also dab moisturizer. There is a rose spray you can find in most drugstores that does double duty to smell good as well.


Control oil on your skin


You can control shine and excessive oil on your skin by dabbing rice paper or blotting paper on the “T” zone. These papers will make the skin look fresher by absorbing oil from your skin. Take care not to rub as this is distressful on your face.


Put on some shimmer


A little shimmer on the nose, top of cheeks and lips  can make you look fresher. You can moisturize your skin by using a little blush mixed with lip balm. It will also perk up any tired, swallow or green tone in your complexion.


Avoid long-lasting lipstick

Long-lasting lipsticks parches the lips. You will need to dehydrate lips. It is better to use lip stains or colored lip balms. You can top lip stain with clear gloss and reapply it to make it look fresher. Medicated lip balm also has amazing results to keep lips hydrated, especially on busses and train rides.


Comfort your puffy eyes


Use wash cloth or crushed ice under your eyes during or after a long trip. It will make you feel calmer immediately. It also works if you do a lot of reading or watch many movies while travelling. A cold compress of a washcloth will also help to keep puffiness down.


Avoid mascara


Mascara mostly trails down to the cheeks while taking a nap Not to mention you might rub your eyes and thus have the marks on your hands and face. It is better to keep the lashes naked. Do not wear creamy eyeshadows because they also move around the face in case of skin oil.


Do not wear chip able nail paint

nail polish

Try to wear light nail colors, or nude tones because bright-colored nail paint mostly chips and makes nails look untidy. You can do proper buffing and applying a top coat on nails to add a clean, crisp look to the nails.


Do not touch your face excessively


Different types of bacteria stick to your hands while travelling that can result in breakouts and other skin issues. It is better to avoid touching your face and clean your hands before applying something or refreshing make up.


Cleanser and moisturizer


Cleanser and moisturizer are two essentials with makeup. Change in cleanser on vacation makes the skin become more vulnerable to breakouts and acid imbalance. Keep moisturizer not only for face but for hands as well.


Hand sanitizer


It is a significant thing while travelling because you cannot wash your hands frequently. You can also use it before eating something. Take two you cannot go wrong


Deodorant and perfume


Keep deodorant in your essentials and use it frequently, especially if you sweat a lot. You can also use perfume with it. This will not only make you feel fresh, whereas you will also feel confident. Apply moisturizer on your wrists and spray perfume to make it long-lasting.


Manage your hair


If you don’t shampoo, your it hair look greasy and untidy while travelling. You can keep dry shampoo or shampoo powder to make your hair look clean and smell good. They are also available in different colors so you can get according to your hair color tone.


Pack your favorite make up products and deodorant while travelling to stay fresh and look perfect during the entire trip. Take zip LOC bags and use them for all your liquid items.

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