Travel by Train Through Canada

Among the many ways to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Canada, by train is one of the most cost-effective and memorable choices. There are many country-long trains currently running through Canada with various stops and a multitude of starting and stopping points.

Traveling by train can be an incredibly scenic experience. Not only will you be passing by some of the most breathtaking views that you would not be able to see by car, or plane, but you will also have total freedom to take in the views without having to worry about other cars or drivers on the road. Many cross-country trains now offer train cars with panoramic windows as well, allowing you to get a full and uninterrupted view of the beautiful Canadian scenery. Being turbulence-free also allows you to get any work you may have done while travelling without fear of mistake.

Economic savings are also a big benefit of traveling by train as opposed to plane. Not only are train fares relatively stable, with no hidden fees or outstanding baggage fees, but the price of a train ticket pales in comparison to that of a plane ticket – especially for longer trips.

As the train runs across Canada, there will be multiple stops along the way in some of Canada’s major cities. Many times you’ll have the option to extend your trip by a day or two to spend some time in these booming cities. This will allow you to stretch your legs, and get a better feel for the Canadian culture and all the country has to offer.

Though train travel is not a new mode of transportation, it is becoming increasingly popular with those looking for a stress free, and environmentally friendly option for travel. In fact, traveling by train is one of the most eco-friendly ways to travel with train travel accounting for 80% less carbon emissions per kilometer than that of cars. In fact, only 3% of all carbon emissions come from train travel. With a typical train having the capacity to transport hundreds of individuals at one time, limiting the need for multiple cars each emitting harmful greenhouse gases. Travelling by train through Canada also helps cut back on harmful noise pollution that can diminish the beautiful Canadian landscape.

Overall, traveling throughout Canada by train is the best way to enjoy the scenery, and cut back on your carbon footprint all while saving you money. And you can travel in any weather.

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