Travel tips Santorini: The most popular places on the Cyclades island

The dreamlike Cycladic island of Santorini is not big – but it is incredibly multifaceted. We’ll tell you which popular places are ideal travel destinations for your island vacation.

The best part: No matter which holiday destination on Santorini you choose, the chances are high that you will fall madly in love with the island. Because great beaches, fantastic views and fantastic food make up the very special charm of this extraordinary and fascinating volcanic island.


Here you will find your island happiness on Santorini

1) Fira

Travel tips Santorini: The most popular places on the Cyclades island
Great twilight view of Santorini island. Sunset on the famous Oia city, Greece, Europe

Ideal for: culture lovers, island explorers, and night owls

Most vacationers choose a hotel in the island’s capital, Fira, when planning their first Santorini vacation. As the largest city on the island, Fira (Thira in Greek) offers a lot of culture, beautiful cafes, inviting restaurants, and taverns with typical Greek food. In addition to culinary delights, Fira also has everything a shopping heart desires: clothes, accessories, spices, souvenirs – no matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find it in Fira’s shops!

The old harbor forms a charming contrast to Fira’s lively city center. It is particularly popular with couples who are looking forward to an evening in intimate togetherness with its romantic atmosphere. The port is also a popular starting point for excursions such as B. the famous tour through the spectacular caldera, the volcanic crater rim of Santorini. Ambitious sailors set out from the harbor for a trip along the coast. Going for a stroll, talking to the locals, and ending the evening with a chilled drink makes the day perfect.


How to get there: Santorini Airport is only 5.2 kilometers away. From there you can easily get to Fira by bus or taxi. The fastest way is by taxi, the bus is the cheapest alternative. All buses go to the central bus station in Fira. From there, you can also get to any other place on the island.

2) Kamari

Travel tips Santorini: The most popular places on the Cyclades island
Black sand at Kamari Beach, Santorini Island, Cyclades, Greece

Ideal for: families with children

If you want to spend your family holidays in Santorini, we recommend Kamari: Kamari has many beautiful beaches where children can play and dig wonderfully. The sand is different on every beach – sometimes black, sometimes red or white, sometimes coarse-grained, sometimes fine as powdered sugar. Around Kamari, you are spoiled for choice. The sea slopes only gently on the family-friendly beaches, so that even small children can splash in the water. The “Blue Flag” flies on many beaches, which certifies the beaches’ cleanliness and the good water quality. The beaches of Kamari are also popular with older children and teenagers, as a wide range of sports and water sports offer lots of fun and variety.


How to get there: From Santorini Airport it is only 5.5 kilometers to Kamari. There is no direct bus service between the airport and Kamari, but you can take the shuttle bus to Fira and continue to Kamari from there. The taxi is the fastest option and only takes about 10 minutes. Bus is the cheapest, but the journey can take up to 45 minutes depending on traffic.

3) Black Beach (Perissa)

Travel tips Santorini: The most popular places on the Cyclades island
black beach seascape with dramatic cloudscape. perissa beach, santorini, cyclades, greece.

Ideal for: a varied beach holiday

There are beautiful beaches everywhere in Santorini, but one of the most popular is Black Beach near Perissa. The finest black volcanic sand and the brilliant blue sea make up the charm of this beach. Sun worshipers enjoy their vacation days on Black Beach relaxed with a book on the lounger, while action fans can really work off with jet skiing, scuba diving, and windsurfing.


How to get there: Santorini Airport is 8 miles from Black Beach, the beach in Perissa. The shuttle bus takes you to Perissa from the airport in around 40 minutes. You can take a taxi to Black Beach Airport in less than half an hour.

4) Oia

Travel tips Santorini: The most popular places on the Cyclades island
Santorini sunset at dawn village of Oia Greece

Ideal for: couples and amateur photographers

It couldn’t be more dreamlike! The locals call Oia the most beautiful place in the entire Cyclades. If you are looking for the perfect photo opportunities, you should choose Oia as your home base on vacation. Even if you don’t want to spend your entire Santorini holiday in Oia, you should at least treat yourself to an evening in front of this dreamlike backdrop. The declared hotspot of many island vacationers will be the auditorium for a top-class spectacle from four in the afternoon: the sunset off Santorini, which has been photographed millions of times.

Couples who want to treat themselves to a romantic break are particularly well catered for in Oia. Enchanting boutiques and original souvenir shops, and unusual art galleries invite you to take a short shopping tour. One of the romantic highlights of a day’s vacation in Santorini is the evening stroll along the coast with a view of the sea.


How to get there: Santorini Airport is 10 miles from Oia. With the shuttle bus, you can reach Oia from the airport in 45 minutes. With the more expensive taxi, you will need around 25 minutes for the journey depending on the traffic. Also, note that taxis to Oia only carry a maximum of three passengers.


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