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When it comes to the noble art of winemaking, Croatia has been one of the leading countries in the region because of the extensive range of indigenous grapes which is available to winemakers. This is precisely why tourism which involves the winemaking industry is becoming increasingly popular, and it also provides the perfect way to meet with local vintners and also to simply enjoy the countryside of this beautiful country. The country has many ancient ruins and there are also the historic churches of Zadar. But the country also has numerous modern installations and infrastructure which ensures that Croatia remains a country which has to be reckoned with. This is why the Sea organ in Zadar is another popular tourism attraction where waves are changed into melodies and this is certainly something which needs to be seen.

Ancient architecture

There is also the Roman amphitheater in the city of Pula. This is also the region which has the strongest Italian feel of all of Croatia. It is the breathtaking Roman ruins which ensures that Pula continue to attract many tourists to this area. Even centuries after its initial construction the amphitheater continues to dominate the center of the city and it remains a central part in the life of many people living in Pula. Split is an important city on the Dalmatian Coast which continues to provide a unique and exciting urban experience. This can be seen by the bustling Promenade where there are always people day and night. There is also the huge Roman palace which is firmly established in the center of the way of life in Split. This palace was constructed in the fourth century by emperor Diocletian. Another popular city is Dubrovnik which is also called the pearl of the Adriatic. There is so much to experience such as centuries old forts which encircle a beautiful old town. There are amazing hiking trails which provide views of the city and the surrounding cliffs. For many people Dubrovnik is still one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

The natural beauty of Croatia

One of the primary attractions is the Plitvice Lakes National Park which is in fact one of the most popular parks in Croatia and for many people it is also the most spectacular natural wonder in the entire Europe. It is an extraordinary sight where Sixteen electric blue Plitvice Lakes lies within a forested canyon with several amazing waterfalls. In order to enjoy this amazing spectacle, there are several trails and boardwalks which provides easy access to these amazing sites. For those who are into water sports it is well-known that the coast of Dalmatia is the place where all their dreams will come true. In fact, many of the attractions in the area is only accessible from the water and that is by boat. Only then can many of the untouched parts of the coastline be reached as well as numerous hidden coves, seaside towns, scattered islands and even the cliffs which arise out of the sea.


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