Turkey – Sightseeing A Unesco Site.

Turkey – Sightseeing A Unesco Site.



Turkey represents one of the most extraordinary destinations. This is a place that any traveler can experience It has the fusion of legendary history and unique scenic treasures along with great cultural legacy. No to mention Turkey has golden beaches of the beautiful Aegean and Mediterranean coast.  The sensations and flavors that are there are unique.

Balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Turkey – Sightseeing A Unesco Site.

Giant stone chimneys, peaked mountains or rock-cut Byzantine churches in a landscape more imaginary than real in the Central Anatolia region.

Cappadocia is a land of legend with unlikely rock formations whose reserve introduces you to castles in the rock, valleys inhabited by ancient hermits seeking their spiritual retreat, or lively towns of hotels and restaurants that welcome tourism. This is Goreme’s case, a charming town where you can enjoy one of the most unique and recommended shows in the world, a balloon flight!

The fantasy landscape of Pamukkale Turkey.


Turkey – Sightseeing A Unesco Site.

People who love fairytale landscapes are in luck. Among the essential things to see in Turkey, Pamukkale (Cotton Castle) stands out. It is one of the postcards perfect picture area. Hypnotizing to the eye with its mineral forests and petrified waterfalls, leaving a fantasy picture. It is on a 160-meter-high hill in the Plateau of the Menderes River. Indeed, “Cotton Castle” is one of the most visited landscapes in the country. In addition to those sites you should check the Hellenic city of Hierapolis. dating from the 2nd century BC it still allows you to visit an incredibly well-preserved wonderful theater.

Izmir and surroundings.

Turkey – Sightseeing A Unesco Site.

Smyrna, the third most populous city in the country, was once an important enclave on the Silk Road, competing in importance with Rome, Alexandria, and Antioch. Today it is a great base to get to know the Aegean coastline.

You will not only to get to know one of the most typically Turkish towns on your trip, but also see the ruins of the Greek and Roman cultural center of Pergamum to the north. One of towns in the area is essential visit Ephesus, its legacy with Greek, Roman and Byzantine influence of extraordinary value.

Did you know that within the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, there is one that you can visit in Turkey? No it is not, “The Pyramid of Giza”, the “Gardens of Babylon”, the “Statue of Zeus” in Olympia, the “Colossus of Rhodes”, the “Lighthouse of Alexandria”, Or the “Mausoleum of Halicarnassus”, which one are you missing? Indeed, is the, “Temple of Artemis” in Ephesus.


The Lycian coast from Marmaris to Antalya.

Turkey – Sightseeing A Unesco Site.

The so-called turquoise coast, – color that the algae transfer to its waters. Stretches along the entire southern coast of Turkey bathed by the Mediterranean Sea waters. Within it is the Lycian Peninsula and the most spectacular and famous trail in Turkey It has more  than 500 km between Marmaris, Fethiye, and Antalya. Stunning cliffs, dense forests, and fishing villages give way to golden beaches and beautiful coves, dotted with remains such as the Necropolis of Telmessos.

An obligatory stop is a city of Ölüdeniz and the famous Blue Lagoon, the beautiful Kas, the mythical Mount Olympus, Kekova Bay, or the beaches of Cleopatra or Fethiye, among others.

Göbekli Tepe. The Oldest Burial Site.

Turkey – Sightseeing A Unesco Site.

Recently discovered at the top of Mount Germus but already declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2018, Turkey is home to many treasures.

Göbekli Tepe is an important archaeological site in the world. It is capable of revolutionizing our conception of established history. Without a doubt, this is a must see on the list of places in Turkey.

Currently, only 5% excavated can be visited, but it is already possible to see rings of T-shaped monoliths of more than 7 tons perfectly aligned. It is thought to be the night sky of 10,950 BC. This would require advanced knowledge of mathematics and physics. We assumed humans were still nomads and there is a story of a catastrophe that happened. There are multiple hypotheses of its function, among which it is the first “cathedral” erected by humans with an estimated date of construction around 9,000 BC, 6,500 years before the pyramids of Egypt, among others.

In short, a visit To Turkey will be a Trip you won’t forget soon.


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