Twede’s Cafe In North Bend WA

Tweed’s Café – The Famous Diner in North Bend.


Not many places in this world are old and lively and hold a lot of history. Not to mention seen many events and still stand strong, well, in the heart of a small town in Washington, North Bend is such a place… Here you will find the café that has seen so much yet is still extremely popular and holds a certain charm that allows people to keep coming back to it. This café is known as the Tweed’s Café.

There’s a lot to appreciate about Swede’s Café in North Bend, Washington. It’s been around for ages. The diner, known as Thompson’s Café since its inception in the 1940s, has seen it all. It was used as a filming location for the show Twin Peaks. It’s the only place you can get an authentic cherry pie that has actual cherries in it—and they ship worldwide* check their site.

They are just minutes from Snoqualmie Falls and an hour from Seattle, the Café in itself is a hidden gem. With its delicious food that will melt in your mouth (Twin Peaks Cherry Pie) Did I say that again? It’s not hard to see why people keep coming back!

Many locals have known the cherry pie around these parts as “the” favorite dessert dish. This actually makes sense considering it’s made fresh every day using only top-quality ingredients such as local butter and Washington-grown cherries. Some would say that this is a must-eat for anyone who visits the area.

It’s also worth dropping by soon to rejoice the return of Twin Peaks, which only aired from 1990-91 but is returning to Showtime with new episodes. Did you know In 2015, the diner returned in the upcoming Twin Peaks episodes?

The diner has mainly remained the same since it was initially known as Double R Diner — at least on the outside. The inside was redone following a fire in 2000 that forced them to close for a while. The restaurant has been reopened and is now more comfortable than ever, with booths, counter seats, and a warm, cozy atmosphere.

Today they have new ownership and the sense of pride shows.

You will be greeted by Laura, whose pleasant demeanor helps you get on the waiting list. Then, when you’re seated, Kayla will take your order in a cheerful manner. Our meal was delish.  Veronica came by to see if we needed coffee and finally, Jisaiah  cleared our table.

Twede’s Cafe has a full menu that includes everything from breakfast to lunch, supper, and dessert. At breakfast, there are omelets, pancakes, French toast, and other morning foods. Get a slice of their renowned cherry pie, even if you’re full, or any of their other delicious flavors such as apple, boysenberry, blueberry, raspberry, or strawberry. Moreover, they are also upgrading their menu to add new dishes.

They have recently added a few plant-based dishes to their menu as well.

We had plant-based sausage with our breakfast. And they made us fresh breakfast potatoes. Shhhh.


Max now owns the restaurant, and you should go by and say “Hi”.


Address:  137 W North Bend Way in North Bend, WA 98045.


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