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So, we won’t say things like “save a picture of your passport and IDs to iCloud storage when you leave.” Well, you probably should, it’s a good idea. However, this post won’t be filled with cliché advices that  split your money or combine your points with one airline.  Here are some odd and strange travel tips. Consider this a collection of hidden treasures endorsed by the huge majority of the international travel community. Take a look.


1.   No matter where you go, keep your clothes washed and ready

Stock up on travel-size washing detergents to launder your clothes in a normal bathroom sink. Hotel laundry costs are ridiculous, so this will probably spare you money. This will also save you time awaiting the dryer to spin. Here’s a strange trivia: Tide, the detergent company, also manufactures convenient travel pods.


2.   10. Hack Google Maps.

For those without foreign data plans, Google Maps offers a secret offline function. Simply zoom onto the desired map region and enter “OK maps” into the search box. “Download map?” will appear as a pop-up. This will keep the map accessible even while you’re disconnected from the internet.

Google maps

3.   Don’t take the center seat when travelling with someone.

You may pick an unoccupied row or any window and aisle seats available on the internet. When others are trying to check in, they are much less inclined to select the center seat among you and your companion, increasing your chances of getting the entire row to yourself. Just tell them you’d rather sit beside your friend. Let’s face it: no one wants to be squashed among you guys. Win-win.


airplane seat

4.   Never Forget Your Safe Key Again!

Like me? Bring a colorful thread or para cord. The hotel safe’s latch should be tied to anything you can’t lose, like luggage. So, you may unload the vault of all your valuables before leaving the area.


5.   Baby wet wipes aren’t only for small little babies.

If you do have little time (or motivation) to take a bath on any occasion of your trip, baby wipes will offer you the greatest refreshment. So neat and so refreshing.


6.   Don’t Slow Down the Airport Line!

Screenshot, your electronic boarding pass. You want to avoid slowing down the entire queue in an attempt to get some airport Wi-Fi or fetch some data to print my boarding card.


7.   Examine crime rates to avoid unwanted problems.

Certain things, like cheap hotel prices, are unreal. Consider the crime statistics in the region before you go. The cheap costs may not be justified the constant frustration of living in a dangerous neighborhood.


8.   Reddit’s Best Free Travel Agent

Share your basic plan on r/travel to ask the relevant for advice. You’ll receive better, and frequently more distinctive, and diverse set of advice from individuals who have actually been where you want to be.


9.   Duct Tape Prevents Theft

That’s correct. Duct tape all your costly camera gear or gadgets. No one would really consider taking your damaged equipment, anyway. Truth.

duct tape

10.   Set yourself and all your devices on the standard time Of Destination ASAP.

From then on, when you land at your destination behave like a resident and adjust all your devices with the end destination standard time. They eat, you eat and when they sleep, you sleep too.  We understand it’s difficult to adjust to, but so is jet lag!




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