Visiting Montreal, Canada

Aerial view of Montreal showing the Biosphere Environment Museum and Saint Lawrence River in fall season in Quebec, Canada.
Old town Montreal at famous Cobbled streets at twilight in Canada

Places to Visit in Montreal, Canada

Montreal grabbed more attention from the world in 1967 at the time of the famous World’s fair known as International and Universal Exposition or Expo 67. It is still counted among the most successful events of the world. People from everywhere participated and saw the amazing places of Montreal. It was organized at the artificial Island Notre Dame on Saint Lawrence River. You can visit it and many other places in the historical and classic city.



Old Montreal

It is the oldest neighborhood of the city that belongs to the 16th century. This youthful and vibrant neighborhood has a plenty of amazing historical landmarks, fashion boutiques of local designers, restaurants and cafés. This place is not only best for the day time whereas there are many places to grab a drink in the evening. Many people visit the place for walk, bike or enjoy the boat ride at the waterfront of the Old Port.


St. Joseph Oratory of Mount Royal

While roaming around the city, you will come across to the huge, green roof that belongs to the largest church in Canada. It is the incredible historical basilica known as St. Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal. You can visit the church to take the tour of the gardens, museum and a small original chapel.

Notre-Dame Basilica

The amazing Gothic revival style church was constructed in the 18th century. It is located in the old neighborhood. Two large towers are the most prominent feature of the building. Interior of the church has stained-glass windows, religious paintings, and a lot more. Guided tour of the church includes information about architecture, art and history of the basilica.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

This fantastic museum was constructed in the 18th century. It contains a huge collection of more than 41000 works. Collection contains traditional fine arts, film, design, fashion and music. Travelling exhibitions of the collection changes the experience of the visitors each time they visit. It is one of the most visited museums of Canada.

Saint Catherine Street

It is locally known as Rue Ste-Cathrine. This is the best shopping hub of Montreal to find brand stores, high-end designers, local boutiques and many different types of stores. This shopping street crosses downtown of Montreal from east to west. You will also find many bars, restaurants and cafés.

Quartier Des Spectacles

It is the biggest cultural district that is also known as Place des Festivals. It is the biggest public square and outdoor space which hosts big festivals and host events of big crowds. There is a huge interactive fountain inside the square with 235 jets, two glass restaurants and four light towers.

When to visit Montreal

Old town Montreal at famous Cobbled streets at twilight in Canada

March to May and September to November is the best time to visit Montreal. Temperature almost remain similar in all these months. It is a bit chilly so you need to keep some warm clothes to wear during this time. However, June to August is summer with crowds of tourists. They visit Montreal for festivals and sightseeing. December to February is winter with the lowest temperatures. This is the best time for skating, sleigh rides, skiing and other winter activities. Many crowds also visit the city for festivals and Christmas celebrations.

The Best foods in Montreal


There are some best foods in Montreal and where to eat them.

  • Hamburger at Dic Ainn is a popular burger spot in the city that is operating since 1954.
  • Pouding Chomeur and Tourtiere at La Bienrie serves the traditional food of Montreal. Famous dishes of the place are cake with caramel or maple syrup, meat pie, a dish similar to Shepherd’s Pie and minced pork.
  • Smoked Meat Sandwich at Schwartz’s Deli is a smoked brisket layered between rye bread slices and mustard.

Poutine at Chez Claudette has thousands of variations whereas the main things of the dish are crispy fries, brown gravy and squeaky Cheese

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