Want to See Where They Filmed Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones

Dark Hedges

Game Of Thrones Filming Locations

Game of Thrones has gained immense popularity not just because of its unique locations but also because of its beautiful scenic locations. If you think the locations were a work of technology and SGI, think again! Here are some of the locations in Northern Ireland, GOT used for filming some of its epic scenes:

1.  Dark Hedges


The Dark Hedges is one of Northern Ireland’s most photographed locations, with it having featured in Game of Thrones as well, planted during the 18th century by Stuart’s family. The trees have been voted among the top five most beautiful tree tunnels and were even declared an international peace symbol for their natural beauty. You can see this beautiful location as “The king’s road” in GOT.


Dark Hedges

2.   Mourne Mountains


Three different locations in the Mourne Mountains were used to film Game of Thrones. Vaes Dothrak’s entry, Theon’s escape attempt from Ramsey, and the discovery of dire wolf pups by Stark children were all located in different areas of these mountains. Furthermore, Tollymore Forest marks the first appearance of White Walkers attempting to rejoin the human world. Moreover, Leitrim Lodge, which is the foothill of these mountains, was used for filming the scene where Bran Stark meets Jojen Reed.


Mourne Mountain

3.   Downhill Beach


Downhill Beach is a 7-mile-long stretch that starts below the cliffs of Mussenden Temple and ends in Magilligan Point, including Benone Strand.

The Downhill is an Area for Special Scientific Interests (ASSI) and a part of the Sand Sea. Visitors can go on bird watching trips and nature walks while appreciating flowing waterfalls and dunes made of sand iconic in this region.

The location was transformed into Dragonstone when Red Witch Melisandre burned her Seven Idols there. It also became King’s Road which Arya used after escaping from Harrenhall during season 3.

Want to See Where They Filmed Game of Thrones?

The Binevenagh Mountain was the stunning backdrop for one of Game Of Thrones’ most memorable scenes. Although it’s not an easy climb up and over, those with courage will be rewarded by spectacular views that capture every detail from Denaerys escape in season five or Arya’s travels across Westeros before meeting her fate at Harrenhal.

The beauty found within Derry/Londonderry province offers many opportunities such as hiking trails through rainforests filled with exotic plants along Ireland’s rugged west coastlines, but if you’re looking explicitly towards filming locations, then head straight to this ancient monastic settlement.

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