What to do in Paraty? Where is it?

A city with a colonial aspect, which mixes the old with the new, unites street art with the family, and mixes beautiful architecture with stunning natural landscapes, Paraty is a place that deserves to be explored!  – every part holds a surprise.

Where is Paraty?

Tourist boats waiting for tourists near the Church Igreja de Santa Rita de Cassia in Paraty, state Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Paraty is a city located in the State of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. However, it is frequented by people from São Paulo, due to its proximity to the capital. Depending on the route chosen, the time can vary between 3 and 5 hours on the road. This means that, in these cases, it is usually worth using a bus or even a car to get to the city.

Several highways are connecting São Paulo to Paraty, such as the famous Rio Santos, which is in a nice state of conservation, and also the Tamoios Highway, which leads to Ubatuba, a city very close to the final destination – about 1 hour and a half by the saw.

It is worth taking some precautions. And taking some snacks for the trip and water and juices is advised. It is also worth filling the tank and scheduling stops. A good tip is to always travel in the morning and not to drive at night – the road on arrival is beautiful and deserves to be seen during the day.

If you go by bus, it is essential to buy your bus ticket in advance, as they are sold out on high season days, for example. For those traveling by car, dealing with traffic may be necessary – always check to confirm the total time.

Arriving in Paraty – First impressions

Paraty, Brazil – February 25, 2017: Streets of colonial old town in the evening. Historical center of the city is full of handcraft shops and restaurants, and looks very romantic at night.

Arriving in Paraty, the first stop could be the Historic Center. The main walks in Paraty depart from there, and it is also where incredible artists gather, such as musicians, actors, and street artists. The city’s first impression is of being in an old colonial period, mixed with perfect nature.

The Bay of Paraty reserves beaches that could easily be in a movie setting: sea with beautiful waves bordered by mountains full of green. The historic center takes its name for simple reasons: its colonial mansions and cobblestone streets take us back to ancient times, and we could imagine ourselves in the 1800s, if it weren’t for the live music, bars, and lots of entertainment that the place gathers.

If you arrive in the late afternoon, it’s worth taking a break from your trip to the city center. As a tip, we suggest you try the city’s cachaça at one of the local cachaçarias and enjoy street art that goes into the night and the days of Paraty.


In the center is a located the Church of Santa Rita, which keeps memories of the time of Brazil Colony. If you have time, book it during the day to visit its interior and be amazed by the ancient architecture.

In the streets of the center of Paraty, the feast of the divine also takes place, a religious celebration that attracts tourists and devotees from all over the country – lots of music and exciting popular expressions. It’s worth it if you’re there in May!

Finally, we cannot forget the Paraty International Literary Festival, which takes place every year in the historic center and brings together numerous famous, independent and literature lovers in one place: it always takes place in July.

Enjoy Paraty – Tours and sights that deserve to be known!

Paraty, Rio de Janeiro

Now you can get  to know a little about the historic center of Paraty and its cultural attractions. In addition to the city being rich in events of the most varied styles.  There are    nice programs throughout the year. BUwe cannot forget that we are talking about an exuberant natural paradise.

Pedra Branca waterfall

Beautiful White Stone’s Waterfall (Cachoeira da Pedra Branca), Paraty-Cunha Road, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil

A nice walk is to Pedra Branca Waterfall, on the road that connects Cunha to Paraty. This route can be added on to the ticket in the city. It is important to know that the entire site is closed to paying visitors only. Although a little distant, it’s worth visiting, as the waterfall is perfect for bathing and has some low-intensity waterfalls – which make bathing under them possible.

Sleep Beach

“Inlet in the region of Paraty on the south coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil”

Praia do Sono is between Ubatuba and Paraty – more precisely, on the road that connects Paraty to Trindade. The arrival to Praia do Sono can be done by trails or even by boat. The tip is to get to the luxury condominium in the region, the condominium of orange trees, and buy a ticket to enjoy the tour fully.

Saco do Mamangua Beach

A the one and only tropical fjord in the world

Saco do Mamangua Beach is one of the most beautiful in the region. It has an interesting feature: the ocean waters enter a large bay, forming an incredible landscape that mixes sea and forest. The tour to Saco do Mamangua can be purchased and is wonderful!

Praia Engenho d’Água

Praia do Engenho Dagua can be visited by boat and combines historical beauty with untouched nature. Next to the beach, there is a place with some of the most remarkable ancient objects and buildings from the colonization period. It is worth mentioning that Praia do Engenho D’água is part of Praia Saco do Mamanguá.

Pontal beach

Amazing vacation day in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro

Pontal Beach is within the city’s urban area and is one of the busiest in the region, with live music, street performers, and delicious food to enjoy a whole day of relaxation.



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