What to Do While Visiting the Amish

Many travelers come to Lancaster County to discover more about and explore the Amish lifestyle, which is home to several of the biggest Amish communities in the United States. Because the Amish are a closed community, obtaining a genuine and courteous experience is crucial – and we’re here to assist. We’ve compiled a list of suggestions for individuals interested in learning more about the Amish way of life, from buggy rides combined with a field tour to browsing at an Amish fabric store or market stall.

Take a look under, where we’ve compiled a list of trips, activities, and experiences that provide a genuine and courteous encounter.

 Shops & Farmer’s Markets run by Amish

The Amish, who are known for their crafts, have quilt and fabric stores all around the county that are well worth a visit, particularly if you’re searching for a well-made quilt. At Hannah’s Quilts and Fisher’s Quilts, you may browse hand-sewn blankets and hear more about technique from the creators.

If you’re looking for fresh-picked vegetables, Amish people operate market stalls in local farms throughout the region, along with roadside shops on practically every intersection on the backroads.

What to Do While Visiting the Amish
Picked Goods Amish


Farm Visits

If you’re searching for a real farm tour, stop by the Old Windmill Property, where the family has kindly opened their farm to give visitors a glimpse into the Amish way of life. Participate in everyday duties such as milking the cattle, tending a calf, collecting eggs, and more throughout the one-hour guided tour while learning and asking questions.

 Tours in the Countryside

Bus excursions will drive you around the backroads with a professional operator who will offer facts and address any Amish-related concerns you may have along the route. Bus tours of Amish Village and Amish Farm & House may be combined with guided or self-directed excursions of their historical society fields.

Old Order Amish Tours gives a view inside a functioning Amish farm for both families and groups that want a more customized tour. Their ties to an Old Order Amish farm enable them to provide a more in-depth insight at the culture.

You’ll see bikers, Amish people on scooters, and, of course, horses and buggies when traveling the rural roads of Lancaster County.

  1. Slowly approach and pass buggies.
  2. Don’t use horns.
  3. Leave enough space.
  4. Pay attention to their driving behaviors.
  5. Maintain a watch out at nighttime for horses.

What to Do While Visiting the Amish

Rides in a Buggy

Take a horse and buggy journey across the countryside as the Amish do. Short rides around the country with an Amish or Mennonite conductor are available at places like Aaron & Jessica’s and AAA Buggy Trips, as well as lengthier trips that enable you to step off the buggy and see an Amish farm. When you come to a halt, you may have the opportunity to speak with the farm’s residents, buy wonderful snacks like biscuits, whoopie pies, and handmade root beer, and learn how agriculture takes place without the use of power. Drivers welcome inquiries during the route and may give information on the Amish culture in Lancaster County.


 Mud Sales

Mud Sales, which begin in late February and last in late March, are yearly auctions when the “English” and the Amish compete for a variety of products ranging from blankets, crafts, and furnishings to lawn machinery and horticulture. You’ll encounter many Amish people as you stroll the fields at these festivals, and you’ll get a flavor of Lancaster County with the numerous wonderful handcrafted savory and sweet treats offered for purchase. Remember to bring your boots! The soil becomes particularly soft during the spring thaw, thus the name.


 Attractions with a Living History

Because the Amish are a closed community, living heritage sites such as the Amish Villages and Amish Farm & House allow visitors to discover their way of life via their fields. Visitors may learn about the Amish while seeing the cottages, one-room schoolhouses, and farms on both assisted and self-directed tours.


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