What Travel Will Be “like” After Covid19.

Now we don’t have a crystal ball and this is based on a survey done recently. But let’s see just how me might travel.

Yes, one of the doubts that everyone has is what it will be like to travel after the Coronavirus.

A survey conducted by Luggage Hero maintains that more than half of Americans will continue to travel in 2020, although they will likely do so to closer destinations and for less travel time.

According to the CEO of Luggage Hero, demand will rebound very strongly by 2021.


Here are some of the thoughts:

Local and weekend trips.


In the coming months, experts seem to agree that we are going to change the way we travel, that we will do it much closer to home and that we will take vacations in shorter periods.

Therefore, this seems an ideal time to rediscover national statewide  destinations and to take better advantage of long weekends.

Travelers must change preferences for some time and try to avoid the crowds of big cities, beaches. Included too is public transport.

Some say they will prefer rural areas and towns where we have a second home.

And of course, Some travelers will wait for the vaccine

The reason for traveling differently in 2020 has to do with the fear of contagion.  We will still have to wait until a vaccine against the Coronavirus appears.

Long trips require getting on a plane, in a very closed space and with a lot of contact with other people. We also have the uncertainty of what will happen in other countries, and we will try to avoid situations such as having to stay in a confined hotel or any other restriction that the countries to which we travel may implement.

Therefore, everything indicates that the summer months will be quite lazy, with more people travelling at the end of the year than normally happens.

On the other side of the coin, it is expected that in the spring of 2021 many of the people who “controlled” themselves this year will decide to return to make the trip of their dreams or who had to cancel due to the epidemic, so the rebound of international travel will be very important, and the industry will grow again as it has been doing uninterruptedly for the last 70 years.

Some countries could extend restrictions on tourists

The spread and management of the virus are not happening in all countries at the same time, and that there may be a second wave of infections, some restrictions on travel may remain until next year.

Most likely, each country will require different documentation or health measures from tourists depending on the country of origin. While waiting for the WHO to establish the travel regulations, some proof of not being infected or security measures may be requested. In the coming weeks and months, we will see which tourists can travel earlier and which ones should limit themselves to travelling only to their neighboring countries or regions.

Offers on flights and accommodation for some time due to the Coronavirus

Experts also indicate how they think the travel industry will face the drop, and all agree that there will be good offers of price and quality to travel in the coming months.

Many airlines, hotel groups and tourist services groups are going to have a tough time as there are international routes and destinations that are very competitive and not all of them will be able to cope with the fall in customers in these weeks and what is to come.

Therefore, a price war is expected in the short term and also the launch of promotions that maintain the price in exchange for a substantial improvement of the service.

After the offers, a price increase

Over the next few months, some airlines and other companies are expected to merge, go bankrupt or be acquired by the state. When this happens, all the oversupply will be reduced, and it is most likely that travelers will see travel prices rise substantially, until normality recovers.



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