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Where is Ginny & Georgia filmed? Is Wellsbury a real place?

Where is Ginny & Georgia filmed? Is Wellsbury a real place?

The charming teen drama Ginny & Georgia is filmed in various locations around Toronto, Canada. The show includes exterior shots of many local areas in the city like Little India and Chinatown. Production mostly takes place on studio lots which make up small towns like Wellesley and Richland, where locals can often spot stars of the show hanging out between shooting schedules. Props and costumes are also sourced from local suppliers to give the series a unique feel that reflects the culture of Toronto and the diverse cast it portrays. Here’s more about it.

Where is Ginny and Georgia’s house in real life?

In reality, Ginny and Georgia’s house is in North Vancouver, British Columbia. The exterior facades used for exterior shots were sourced from four private homes; one was located on 23rd Street, another on 20th Street, a third on Prospect Avenue, and the fourth and final location were LaFarge Lake Park in Coquitlam. These combined locations were used to form a storybook feel that helped bring the fictional small town of Wellsbury to life. Although the storyline may have occurred elsewhere, this picturesque collection of basic houses truly brought the beloved characters’ fictitious home to life!


Where is Ginny & Georgia filmed? Is Wellsbury a real place?

More about Ginny and Georgia’s filming locations

Toronto and Cobourg in the Canadian province of Ontario served as the filming locations for Ginny & Georgia. That’s correct, the show wasn’t only never shot in Massachusetts, where it was meant to be based, but it was also never shot within the same country. The program was filmed at various venues in Toronto and its neighboring region, notably TriBro Studios, which served as the site of a large portion of the interior production. Ginny’s school, Wellsbury High, was filmed at the now-defunct Nelson A. Boylen Collegiate Institute inside the Toronto suburb of Rustic. This school taught children from 1966 till it disbanded in 2016. In the meantime, there was production in Cobourg, a suburban community about an hour away from Toronto. Wellsbury’s town hall was the magnificent Victoria Hall, which also functions as a multifunctional space. Joe’s Blue Farm Café is located at 74 King Street West near Cobourg’s El Camino eatery, a Spanish diner.

Toronto is a popular filming location due to its diverse neighborhoods, vibrant city life, and wide range of urban and natural scenery. The city has been used as a stand-in for many cities in the US and around the world. Toronto also offers tax credits for film production, making it an attractive option for filmmakers looking to save on costs. Additionally, over 20 full-service movie studios are located within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). This makes it easy for productions to find all the resources they need in one place.

Does Wellsbury from Ginny & Georgia exist in real life?

No, Wellsbury does not exist in real life. The show Ginny & Georgia was filmed in and around Toronto, Canada. The production team created the fictional town of Wellsbury for the show’s backdrop, choosing to depart from a more recognizable real-life place to keep viewers guessing throughout the season and add an intriguing element of mystery. Furthermore, most of the scenes within the town were shot against green screens and then digitally incorporated into existing backdrops to reinforce its otherworldliness. While WEllsbury may seem pretty believable on screen, it’s a fictitious location designed to add another strange layer to this wild ride of a show!

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