Where was the original Hocus Pocus filmed?

Where was the original Hocus Pocus filmed?

It’s easy to believe that Max, Dani, Allison, and Binx live in a universe that was produced on numerous studio sets in Los Angeles, California, given how fantastic the imagery is and how many different places the tale takes place around the planet. Indeed, the location was used for the filming of several of the scenes. However, it was revealed that the filmmaker, Kenny Ortega, also went a different way by traveling to the same site in New England where the drama takes place. You’ve arrived to the proper haunted location if you’re keen on going on a short tour of the areas where the movie Hocus Pocus Was shot over 30 years ago.

1600s Salem

The actual site is Pioneer Village, which can be found at 310 West Avenue in Salem, Massachusetts.

The audience is taken back in time to the period of the Salem witch trials right before the start of the Halloween-themed film Hocus Pocus. The producers decided to shoot their period piece in Salem’s Pioneer Village to recreate life in the seventeenth century accurately. The museum was constructed in 1930, and its design was inspired by the creation of the 1600s, which included wigwams, thatched roof houses, and other such structures.


The Residence of Max and Dani Dennison

Location proper: 4 Ocean Avenue, Salem, Massachusetts

A family lives in the infamous home where Allison and Max irresponsibly opened the Sanderson Sisters’ magic book. Zillow reports that the house was constructed in 1870 and that its current value is estimated to be more than $520,000. Even though the house is off-limits to the general public, Boston.com claims that the present-day owners are exceedingly welcoming to visitors who like to stop by and snap photographs.


The School Attended by Max and Allison

Phillips Elementary School, located at 56 South Washington Square in Salem, Massachusetts, is the actual site.

Phillips Elementary had already ceased operating as a school one year before to Max, Dani, and Binx’s successful attempt to apprehend the Sanderson Sisters when they were hiding out within the red-brick structure. Because the building was vacant at the time, the filmmakers of “Hocus Pocus” could use it for a few scenes while it was disguised as a high school. Currently, the structure serves as an apartment complex. Even though it is not now available to the general public, you may take a picture with it when you are strolling around South Washington Square.


The Residence of Allison

The actual address of the Ropes Mansion is 318 Essex Street in Salem, Massachusetts.

One of the most recognizable structures in Salem is the Ropes Mansion, also known as Allison’s townhouse. The Ropes Mansion can be found in the middle of the McIntyre Heritage District. Nathaniel Ropes, a well-known businessman and attorney who lived in the area throughout the 1700s, is credited with the home’s inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places. The backyard of the house has a stunning garden as well as a greenhouse, both of which are open to guests.




The Halloween festivity for the town

The actual site is the Old Town Hall, which may be found at 32 Derby Square in Salem, Massachusetts.

Old Town Hall is the venue that hosted Winifred’s legendary performance of the song “I Put a Spell on You.” In the actual world, it serves as the location of the Salem Museum. Cry Innocent is an experiential play that is inspired upon the Salem witch hunts. The museum is accessible each day from 12 to 5 p.m. Eastern Time (ET). However, the venue will sometimes be utilized for play performances.



The Local Burial Ground

Old Burial Hill in Marblehead, Massachusetts, is the actual place.

It’s possible that fans may recall how Max first runs into the bullies when he’s heading home through the cemetery in the town. It was later discovered that they shot them at Marblehead, Massachusetts, in a location known as Old Burial Hill. It was founded in the middle of the seventeenth century, but it gained notoriety as a result of the fact that it is the last burial ground of an estimated 600 men who served in the Civil War. It is not surprising to learn that perhaps the Sanderson sisters have their sights set on returning to this location.

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