Wing Luke Museum, Seattle WA

We went to the Wing Luke Museum this Sunday. It is in the Chinatown area of Downtown Seattle. Our last visit was over 20 years ago. Needless to say, some things had changed. For one thing, the location had moved. It is now near the Canton Alley.

When you first enter,  the dragon dangling from the ceiling will catch your eye. Though it may look like s/ he lost his/ her head, the head is around the corner, it is a large and colorful image. And if you happen to be here when it is the Chinese New Year – you will see the dragons in action. Trust me it is a sight to see and so much fun.

Look down, and  you see there is another dragon’s head on a chair under the top dragon.


There were three concierges and one guard on this day. All smiled and greeted us when we entered. All were friendly and chatted about what the museum offered. We were cautioned against taking photos of some exhibits. Not to worry, you can take photos, the ones off limits are clearly marked.

After paying we  followed the markings on the floor to the exhibits.








Yes, Bruce Lee is there, and you can learn so much about his short life – images of Washington State and Seattle are plentiful. His works, his fighting instruments and dress are all on display. Bruce Lee quotes are also interspersed throughout the displays. 

After the Bruce Lee exhibit we headed to the Wing Luke Section. The museum is named for Seattle City Council member Wing Luke, the first Asian American elected to public office in the Pacific Northwest. There were photos and artifacts  about the council member life and interesting historical facts about the neighborhood and the changes it had undergone.


There was more though, head through the doors, and also upstairs.  There you will see sections dedicated to all the people of Asia and their contributions to everyday American life. Really, a great tribute to what we cannot live without.   That section alone will take some time to see and enjoy. It is truly worth your while.






We finished our tour and headed to the gift shop. You can find books about Bruce Lee. Prints from movies. All in a well lit area! Seattle? Just kidding. There are signs for social distancing and only a few are allowed in the shop at one time.

We thanked the concierges for their help. A cheerful and helpful group.


Next was a late lunch or early dinner at a place Bruce Lee frequented.


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