Worldwide Monuments to Social Justice

Worldwide Monuments to Social Justice


There are many monuments specially designed to depict the value of social justice. These monuments educate us about meaningful history. The people who made these monuments has a particular perspective about the past, and they wanted the rest of the world and the future generations to engage in a critical way of looking at the events of the past.

Monuments to Social Justice

In addition to this, the world’s monuments to social justice also shed light on how dominance, inequality, societal stereotypes, and bias are still promoted in some regions of the world. Here are some of the monuments that make us dive into the memory lane of the history of social justice.


      It Shall Not Be Again, Orange, Massachusetts, USA

·       Dove of Peace, Edmundton, Alberta, Canada

·       Freedom Monument, Los Angeles, California, USA

·       La Paloma, Monterrey, Mexico

·       The Resolution, Nicosia, Cyprus

·       Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial, Boise, Idaho, USA

·       Canadian Tribute to Human Right Monument, Ottawa, Canada

·       Peace for All, Hatred for None, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

·       Ave Quiromantica, Malaga, Spain

·       Nordic Peace Monument, Morokulien, Norway & Sweden

·       Ann Chwazi Lapè, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

·       Peace Candle of the World, Scappoose, Oregon

·       Stand Up, Speak Out, Westbury, New York

·       Monumento à Paz Mundial, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

·       Dag Hammarskjöld Crash Site Memorial, Ndola, Zambia

·       Memorial at Minneapolis Site of Floyd Arrest, U.S.



We cannot visit all, so we decided to delve further into the history of some of these places. If you decide to go, please let us know?

It Shall Not Be Again, Orange, Massachusetts

Designed in the year 2000, this monument serves as an official peace statue of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It has been dedicated to those who served their country during the 1917-1919 world war in Veteran’s Memorial Park. Joseph P. Pollia made the sculpture.

Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial, Boise, Idaho, USA

This memorial was dedicated to the public in 2002. It was designed as park where people can meet face to face and communicate. “The Memorial includes a life-sized bronze statue of Anne Frank as she peers out an open window. The Memorial is comprised of several major elements: Attic Amphitheater, Memorial Quotes Walls, Water Feature, Rose Beal Legacy Garden and Marilyn Shuler Classroom for Human Rights.  Human rights quotes are incorporated within these elements and featured throughout the Memorial.

The Memorial is the only Anne Frank Memorial in the United States and one of the few places in the world where the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is on permanent, public display in its entirety.

Dove of Peace, Edmundton, Alberta, Canada

This monument is built to stand over the platform used by Pope John Paul II when he visited in the year 1984 to deliver his blessings. The unique thing about Dove of Peace is that its structure includes a white canvas tarpaulin covering, which was initially used during the Pope’s address to provide protection from the elements. Amazing. Isn’t it?

Freedom Monument, Los Angeles, California

In July 2017, this Freedom Sculpture was unveiled at a festival aimed at celebrating the diversity in Los Angeles. It is inspired by humanity’s respect for cultural diversity as well as the ideals of freedom which originally originated with Cyrus the Great of Persia. The monument is thought to be a contemporary interpretation of an old Persian artifact, which was regarded as the first declaration of human rights.

The Resolution, Nicosia, Cyprus

Theodoulos Grigoriou, a Cypriot sculptor, has used the power of Resolution (1995) to show the world that the only precondition to freedom and peace is faith in human rights. Did you know that Nicosia is the southernmost capital of Europe and the world’s only divided one? Nicosia is two capital cities in one. It’s the capital of the Republic of Cyprus. Cyprus is an internationally recognized country and a member of the European Union. However, it’s also the capital city of Northern Cyprus, a country recognized only by Turkey.

The Resolution, Nicosia, Cyprus

Memorial at Minneapolis Site of Floyd Arrest, U.S.

This memorial is specially built at the Minneapolis intersection. It was built in the honor of George Floyd, the black man killed by former Police Officer Derek Chauvin- white. His death sparked protests in Minneapolis which ultimately led to nationwide reckoning on race. The Floyd statue is a substantial way to memorize his life as it gives humans the strength to deal with racial injustice and helps in healing.


That is just the start. When we are ready to travel again, we are going to make some of these on our trip. What a world we live in.

Worldwide Monuments to Social Justice

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