Worth the Drive – Sequim Wa

This is worth the two / three-hour drive from Seattle. The lavender farms in Kitsap county. An Inn on the coast.

An innovation story. Back in the day, this area was known for its dairy farms. When dairy started to fail, the farmer decided to go in to lavender production. Today the farms are fragrant with the smell of lavender. Did you know the latitude is the same as Provence, France? Now you can get that same fragrant smell stateside.


We took the drive and went up to Edmonds and on the to the ferry. A quick sail that lasted about 20 minutes and cost $20.00 the breezes refreshing on a summer day. Stand outside and even on a sunny day you might need a light sweater or jacket. All you need when walking the farms is sturdy shoes.


The drive is not bad, and you can get there with one full tank of gas. There are gas stations. I did not see chargers for my Tesla friends. I think I read there were about two dozen farms. We did not see all of them. the views though – so pretty. And the scent – heavenly.




Then another hour through small towns and on to Sequim WA. What a cool little town. #Be Kind signs everywhere.


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