Yes, World Fairs Still Happen.

Here are some world fairs from back in the day.


World’s fairs are celebrated around the world since 1967. Montreal Canada was one and you can read about here: They are large international exhibitions managed by BIE (Bureau International de Expositions) which showcase works and achievements of different nations. These expositions are organized to promote tourism and local products of various places. Different countries from all around the world participate and host the event in a self-constructed pavilion (can be seen on World’s Expo website). Belgium, Israel, Germany and Belarus has external websites especially designed for the information about the expo. You can check the listed countries on the BIE website.


Some previous international Expos were:

The 1933 Chicago World Fair.

This was coincided with the city’s centennial. The united State was still in the throes of the Great Depression and this was a welcome reprieve. The visitors could look to the future and see what may be waiting ahead. The theme of the  fair was;”Science Finds, Industry Applies, Man Adapts” One noted invention was  smoking robot!


Zaragoza, Spain Expo 2008.

The international exposition was designed for the architecture showcase. It started from 14th June to 14th of September 2008. The theme of the event was “Water and Sustainable Development”. It was a fascinating event with different thematic pavilions and squares. Different parts of the expo were planned in various buildings which were structured according to different fields. The main thematic Pavilions were, Bridge Pavilion (Expo of water management and procedures), Water Tower (arrival of life on our planet, dynamic simulation systems). An Aquarium (the largest fresh water aquarium of Europe, 300 marine Species from all over the world and it showed water surrounding all continents in the form of one island).


The  Expo of  2012 Yeosu, South Korea.

The expo opened on the 12th of May and stayed until 12th of August. It was a unique and stunning event with the theme of “The Living Ocean and Coast”. This event also had sub themes of “Creative Marine Activities”, “New Resources Technology”, and “Preservation and Sustainable Development of the Ocean and Coast”. The surrounding of the exhibition was wonderful. It was located alongside the sea on 80 exhibition halls and other extended spaces. It gained popularity for raising the issues like climate change and protection of the ocean.


World expo in Milan 2015, Italy.


The Expo in Milan was organized in 2015 on the space of more than 271 acres or 110 hectares with the capacity of 20 million visitors. It started on 1st May and went on to October 31st. The event was planned to help the guests to enjoy the place as much as possible. It included national and corporate organizations from different parts of the world. Theme of the event was “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.

It was arranged for technology, innovation, creativity, art, culture and traditions. It was designed for the development and awareness about the global emerging issues and the right for the secure, healthy and sufficient food.



The international expo started from June 10th and closed on September 10th. The city, The city of Astana, had won the UNESCO Cities for Peace award .It was organized to involve the countries, international NGO’s, big organizations, companies and the  general public.  The debate about sustainable energy and reduced carbon emission. The theme of the event was “Future Energy”. We use energy in many aspects including our electronic gadgets. So, this was an important Expo.


World Expo Beijing Expo 2019, China


Beijing expo was named as The International Horticultural Exhibition. It gathered people related to horticultural field from all around the world. Main purpose of the event was to promote the artistic and cultural developments to integrate horticulture in daily life. Theme of the expo was “Live green, Live Better”. Expo also promoted old age Chinese wisdom and introduced the characteristics of Chinese horticulture. This expo was organized near the Great wall and promoted by the name “The International Horticultural Exhibition at the Foot of the Great Wall”.


Plans in the Future


Different expositions were planned on different themes and ideas for a better future and society.

Upcoming Exposition is:


Dubai, UAE Expo 2020


World expo in the year of 2020 was planned to be held in Dubai. It was scheduled from 20th October until 10th of April. However, due to the global pandemic it was postponed. New date of the event is from 1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022. Organizers of the event are still doing the marketing and branding of the event for promotion.




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