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 Onwards to new adventures! So far, we learned to cook, and some friends shared recipes. We uploaded some past travel stories too  take a look.  As always, take care everyone! 

Washington Ferry



Hello fellow world travelers!

The past year has been challenging, are we right? It has been difficult to put travel plans on hold, and to put our dreams of global adventure on the shelf. But now, we are ready to start exploring again, and we invite you to join us as we share new perspectives, travel tips, stunning pictures from around the world, and the most delicious cuisine the world has to offer.

We have visited many UNESCO heritage sites, and you will find personal stories and recommendations throughout our site, to help you in planning your itinerary. Our Travel Hacks section will keep you safe, savvy, and smart as you discover different cultures and gain the priceless gift of global perspective. Remember the best trips are well-organized – with room for flexibility, of course!

Our very own frequent flier, Cal the Pilot, has been around the world, and he is sharing remarkable stories, global locales, and breathtaking aerial views straight from the cockpit. We are excited to see where he lands next, and we welcome you to come on board as we tag along for the ride.

During the pandemic, we have also worked on developing our cooking skills, and have been testing recipes with global influences and options for any lifestyle, including plant-based, vegan, and gluten-free. We have even asked friends and family to provide their favorite recipes, and we are excited to share these with you as well. Food is what brings us together, and we look forward to inspiring you with a collection of global snacks, treats, and meals to share around your table.

The thing we love most about travel is that adventure is always within reach, whatever your budget, whatever your location. Whether you are backpacking through Asian mountain ranges, or traveling to remote island destinations, travel is accessible to anyone, at any age.

So, get out there and explore. Live your best life. The world is waiting for you once again.