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Welcome 2021. Onwards to new adventures! So far, we learned to cook and some friends shared recipes. We uploaded some past travel stories too  take a look.  As always, take care everyone! 

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Hey Readers!

Like you we love to travel!

Life can get boring, days can start to run into each other and suddenly, you’re five years older than you had just been. The most effective way to break up the monotony of everyday life is through travel.

Whether it’s the state park two towns over, or the villa across the ocean, traveling can help slow time down while allowing you to explore outside your norm. From climbing the highest mountain peaks of the world to visiting the coldest regions, capturing the most beautiful landscapes, watching colorful wildlife, exfoliating in the hot springs or trying the most delicious cuisines, we’ve experienced many things over the years throughout our extensive travels.

And Yes, unfortunately, as the global pandemic stretched to every corner of the world travel has been put on hold. 

Likewise, we understand there are many things to do before planning a trip to a new place, and it can be very overwhelming. This travel break has given us a chance to plan and organize our travel itineraries, making sure to not miss a thing. You can get some amazing thematic E-books for your next trip plans, and add photos as you make memories.

Luckily, the healing has started and soon the world (and international flights) will be back again. With that in mind, this is not the time to sit back and get demotivated – rather it is time to get inspired and start planning your next trip.

Information about various things like delicious foods, places to visit, festivals and International World’s Fairs, from our past visits are here for you to peruse. 

Find your favorite place to visit and plan with us. We hope our blog posts help you choose the best places to visit and experiences to have to make sure you make amazing memories. We’re all rearing  to travel again and start experiencing the unique charms of far away places again.


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