Cancun Mexico

Cancun, Mexico is in the Mexican State of Quintan Roo. Cancun is also on a peninsula – the Yucatán.  This area is a great place to visit. It is filled with ancient wonders and beautiful beaches. Cenotes abound in Cancun as well as Tulum area. Both accessible by car or by bus tours. Driving is safe, the roads’ area easy and there are signs. If you want to get a car and If you stay at a hotel, you should make sure there is free parking.

For our trip, we decided to rent a car. We got our car at the airport and our customer representative spoke English and told us how to get to our hotel. The price for the car was comparable to home about 45 per day with insurance. Afterwards, we changed our money. It is best to do it, so you have cash on hand immediately.


Our  week stay in Cancun was in this former ancient Mayan city. We stayed in the hotel zone and ventured out by car.  Besides beaches, it contained  Mayan ruins. In addition, archaeological sites are all around, including, of course, the famous Chic hen Itza.


Cancun is in the center of many archaeological sites. As a matter of fact, the El Rey Archaeological Site is in the hotel zone of Cancun. And it happens to be one  of  the most important site in Cancun. Here one can experience the pre-Columbian Mayan Culture. There are 47 statutes and works of different functions.


Chichen Itza is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

A quick day trip and by car. And we were there to explore. It is a pre-Columbian city , made by the Mayans. The city used to be the principal ceremonial center of the Mayan Civilization. The main attraction of Chic hen Itza is the Kukulkan Pyramid, or the temple of El Castillo (the castle). The ruins of Chic hen Itza, carrying the traces of Mayan Culture, will leave you intrigued. We were told human sacrifice as well as offering so jade and gold were given to the gods.


The next day we went to the archaeological sites of Muyil, Tulum, and Coba . Again a drive is better than the tour buses. Once there it will make you captivated with the ruins and with the natural beauty of these places. Many restaurants are dotting the streets. Parking is easy to find


One sign you will see, that is cool. We spotted many cat crossing signs on our drive, see photos. That is the Jaguar cat that stays in the jungle. The cat is elusive, surely you don’t want to see one face to face in the wild?  If want to hear the roar go  byy the toys the market sellers sell.

As an aside, there are cenotes in both areas.  A Cenote is basically a natural pit or sinkhole, that is made by collapsing the bedrocks and exposing the groundwater, making it look like an underground pool. You can swim in the these so bring your bathing suit.



We truly had lots of fun! So go for the beaches, but explore the ruins while you are there.


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